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Here at Methodist Central Hall, we aim to discover together what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We know this is a journey which lasts a life time and there is always more to learn and discover, so we have provided a ‘discipleship pathway’ which we hope will help you on your way.

Setting out

Everyone is welcome at this church, whether they have made a decision to follow Jesus or not. However, we hope you will want to set out on the journey. There are many groups and activities, and of course regular Sunday worship, where you will get the opportunity to meet other Christians and hear about what it means to believe in God and become a Christian disciple. Once a year there will be a short course to help you understand the basics of Christian faith and this may be a particularly helpful way for you to set out on the pathway.

Gifts and Calling

The Bible tells us that Jesus called the first disciples to follow him and they responded. There may be many things that prevent us from reaching our full potential as human beings, but God has already prepared a way in Jesus to make it possible for us to break free from hurt, wrong attitudes, abuse, addictions and much more. During the year there are meetings, when, in the company of skilled, prayerful, supportive people, you can explore your identity in God.

Every month, our Sunday communion services include times for prayer for healing, when members of our prayer team are available to pray with you.

The Pathway

Along the pathway are a number of ‘Wells’. These are the places we must regularly visit otherwise we will not survive the journey.  We encourage everyone to constantly review the following:

Worship: with others and alone, including communion

Spiritual disciplines: Prayer, in its many dimensions; spiritual gifts; fasting; giving; silence and retreat

Bible reading and study: with others and alone; understanding and applying it to your life

Life groups: meeting with a small group of believers for support and prayer - doing life together

Service: putting faith into action through work, volunteering in the church, or in the wider community. See our links section for examples of how you can be involved with us in serving others.

Evangelism: sharing faith with others who do not know the love of God in Jesus Christ. We hope that our life groups will naturally involve others who want to explore faith, but there are also special events arranged to encourage people to consider the truth about Jesus Christ.

Life Groups

What happens if I get stuck, or don’t feel I am doing very well, or just want to drink more deeply at a particular ‘Well’?

We encourage every person to be part of a small group where part of regularly meeting together will include time to support and guide each other. Groups meet in homes or other venues across the city. Some are more formal than others, some meet more frequently than others. There are groups just for men and groups just for women and groups for young people or students. Please contact the church office if you would like to join one.

There are also trained ‘Guides’ who will be happy to meet with you and talk and pray through what you should do next.

Pathway Topics

Each term we will provide sessions on a Pathway topic. Again, Guides may direct individuals to a particular session that may be of help to them, or to which they may be particularly able to contribute.

Watch the news pages for further information about specific discipleship courses.