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X:clamation is our fortnightly youth housegroup for those in secondary school. We meet in the Frantik room next to the balcony from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. We run two groups, one for those in years 7-9 and another for those in years 10-13 on alternate weeks.


In X:clamation we study the bible, worship together, play games and have refreshments.

If you’ve never studied the bible, and it seems boring, irrelevant  or just daunting,we’re here to help! At X:Clamation, we study the bible in a way which is fun and enlightening, while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere. Our leaders Jonny and Graham are happy to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s  about a deep theological debate, or simply “What did Moses do again?”

Recently we’ve looked at the Gospel of Luke, the teaching of Jesus, and how it applies to our lives here today.

Most Mondays, some of our youth band lead song worship, so we can share in a devotional time together through music.

Each term we have a meal together to socialise and share with one another.

We also have an annual residential trip away to Rora House where we look at the bible, play games and visit nearby attractions.



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